Traveling Instructors


Home Base: San Francisco, CA USA

IG: @maxbitewell


Home Base: Sacramento, CA USA

"Val (from Spell Bound) is a renowned Shibari instructor and rigger with extensive experience and a unique style that creates euphoria in his clients. He has taken hundreds of individuals to the edge of comfort, where they can fully explore the boundaries between pain and pleasure. 

He has a unique talent for creating personal and interactive experiences for his clients, tailor-made to their needs and desires. He crafts his sessions to take clients on a journey where they can explore both their physical and emotional boundaries safely. His rope work is exquisite, beautiful, and emotionally expressive, providing an immersive experience that liberates the soul and elevates the body and mind. 

In summary, Val's unique style, his dedication to creating immersive experiences where individuals can safely explore their boundaries, combined with his beautiful rope work, has made him a sought-after instructor and rigger in the community."

IG: @spellbound_ropes